How To Choose A Solar Panel ?


There are few points need to be considered :

1.What is your budget costs ?a-stand-frame-200-x-150
2.How much power (watts) do you need ?
3.Panel Sizes & locations
4.Accessories / mounting needed



What is your budget costs?

There are so many types & quality of solar panel in the market – rigid panel vs flexible thin film or folding panels, mono vs poly crystalline type & etc. The higher watts in panel, the more costly it will be.


How much power (watts) size do you need ?

Your solar panel needs to be sizes according to how much power that you are using and not according to the size of battery that you are charging. Please calculate and list out the total watts you need before decide how many power size of your panels.

Before decided to purchase the panels, it is important to have the actual measurements of your roof sizes by determining where will be the right areas to place your panels. Each solar manufacturers produce various dimensions although with the same watts panel.


Panel Sizes & locations

Before deciding to purchase panels from manufacturers, you should measures and determine which location of your roof will be the right areas to place the panels. Here you need to make sure the overall size you need. Each manufacturers provide different sizes although they supply the same watts power panels. Get the specifications of sizes from the manufacturers before confirm the panels.

Accessories / mounting needed

After you confirm in your power sizes of panels, you need to consider of type of accessories that need to be add on for your final installation and wiring works. Accessories such as cables, junction box, blocking diodes,12v cigarette lighter socket, flexible or rollable mounting system, mounting brackets , connectors etc.